Case Study: Staffing a multi-location event

Transitioning to a compliant and efficient event staffing model

Executive summary
Cadence is a global travel company who have been in the industry for over 25 years. They manage an array of travel aspects including planning and operating business and incentive travel programs for independent meeting and event affiliates.
This small group of planners based out of California approached Cadre to
compliantly contract their freelancers
simplify the contracting process
have all their freelancers in one easy-to-access place for contracting
The challenge
Cadence wanted to streamline the contracting process for their 60+ freelancers to a quicker more effective method. Planners would spend hours on emails and contracts for each individual freelancer. It was an overwhelming task for anyone to take on while planning an event.

Not only was bringing on their freelancers important, but also staying compliance within California laws was another concern for Cadence, which proved to be difficult. Having freelancers work directly with them on a contract basis blurred lines of employee vs. freelancer.
How Cadre helped
First each Cadence planner was set up with a Planner profile linked to a “My team” page providing a seamless contracting process.

This “My Team” page consisted of Cadre inviting all 60+ freelancers to each internal planners profile. Of these freelancers, two-thirds were previously onboarded and active in our system which made completing their “favorites” list quick and easy.

From there, Cadence then added independent planners to their roster. This gave independent planners access to Cadence's freelancers within Cadre. Like their internal planners, Cadre assisted with onboarding new planners and getting them set up with Cadence’s 'favorites' page.

Having all of Cadence planners and freelancers located in Cadre, they no longer needed to worry about keeping compliant within California state laws of employees.

Lastly, by using Cadre, compliance was no longer an issue. Cadre became the employer of record, providing the legal separation the law requires. Additionally, Cadre requires annual background checks and workers compensation insurance. Cadence could now focus on the job at hand, managing, planning, and operating meetings and incentive programs.
The results
By teaming with up Cadre, Cadence was able to effortlessly onboard 5 internal planners and 60+freelancers in one place for quick and easy contracting needs.

Cadre cut down the amount of paperwork by 95% by compacting each individual contract to ONE from Cadre.

Cadre eliminated any compliance concerns by providing 100% independent contractor protection.

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