Case Study: Staffing a multi-location event

Transitioning to a compliant and efficient event staffing model

Executive summary
Each year, The Global Event Team (GET) manages a meeting that is anything but a standard corporate event. It runs over the same dates across 22 cities in the United States and Canada and requires teams of staff at each location, which proves to be time-intensive to operate, but using Cadre GET was able to:
Reduce staff scheduling time.
Eliminate paper contracts and expense reports
Consolidate staff payments
Comply with legal requirements
Eliminate 1099 processing
The challenge
GET’s standard process to contract 45+ freelance on-site professionals for this event weighs heavy on its internal resources and involves the exchange of personal information.

Additionally, despite having a pool of trusted freelancers, there are oftentimes when overlapping meetings and limited availability means that there are more open positions than available staff, which results in excessive time spent interviewing, vetting, and scheduling possible new hires.

GET decided it wanted to streamline this whole process to be more efficient, and reduce its internal costs associated with staffing.
How Cadre helped
GET approached Cadre ( looking for a compliant freelancer contracting model that would streamline freelancer scheduling, reduce paperwork, and simplify payments. The solution started with two easy steps.

First, GET created a planner account in Cadre and then scheduled time to discuss this unique meeting with Cadre’s Account Management team.

Next, GET used Cadre’s “Bring Your Team” tool to invite its existing team of freelancers to Cadre to create their own staff accounts. This simple process resulted in individual profiles for each freelancer being completed, background checks cleared, insurance coverage verified, skill sets catalogued, and payment information documented.

While staff completed their profiles, GET posted their multi-city meeting in Cadre as a “private event”.

With this in place, all that was left to do was invite candidates to the various event positions with a simple “invite” click. Each invite confirmed each staff’s role, fee, and provided other pertinent event information. GET was notified of all freelancer acceptances or rejections.

For accepted positions, GET staffed the position with a click and Cadre issued a digital contract, which was stored in Cadre for easy reference to both parties.

For unfilled positions, GET searched Cadre’s database to find, interview, and invite qualified freelancers, ultimately minimizing travel costs by contracting experienced staff, local to each open location.

Staff payments were simple and secure. Cadre issued per diem and event pay to each freelancer, and processed expense reports and any other miscellaneous items, once approved by GET.
The results
With Cadre, GET found a secure, compliant, and streamlined way to contract its freelancers. This “loss leader” event that used to take weeks to staff through a series of spreadsheets and back-and-forth emails and phone calls, is now profitable, taking a one-third of the time to staff.

Paper contracts, payroll, and the processing of the year-end tax documents were eliminated.

In the end, GET achieved its goals, grew its freelancer team, and built a scalable staffing model to better manage its future events
Reduced staffing time by 70%
87 offers received in within first hour
Within 2 weeks of the contract end date, 82% of TDs had received final payment and reimbursed expenses
Within 1 month of contract end date, 100% of TDs had received final payment and reimbursed expenses.

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