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Frequently asked questions for clients and freelancers

Do I have to pay to post an event?

No. Posting an event in Cadre is free. This allows you to receive and review bids from qualified candidates interested in your event. You only pay Cadre a service fee if you hire a Travel Director to work your event.

Why should I use Cadre?

Because your time is valuable and better spent on planning, not staffing. Staffing an event is messy and full of administrative tasks. Cadre provides you with an all-in-one platform to easily find, select, schedule, and pay your on-site team. We take all the tedious staffing tasks that get stuck in your email inbox off your plate, and give you a simple way to manage things, with easy to use dashboards and communication tools.

Who will see my event post?

If you want to gain maximum exposure and the most bids for your event, you can post your event for everyone to see. This means that all Travel Directors browsing and searching for work will see your event post. Alternatively, you can post privately, by inviting only specific candidates to bid on your event. Of course, you can also post your event for everyone to see, and invite specific candidates to bid too.

Can I hire multiple staff for the same event?

Yes. Cadre's event posting tool is very flexible. Our goal is to provide you an efficient way to find, schedule, and pay your entire on-site team. You can post the need to fill 1, 2, 5, 10 or hundreds of positions for a single event. You can even set different daily rate budgets, start and end dates, and skill requirements for each position.

Will candidates see who I am when I post an event?

No. Your identity is not disclosed to candidates reviewing your event post. Cadre provides candidates with only enough event information (event name, location, positions, skills needed, dates, etc.) to make a qualified bid. Cadre provides your contact information to Travel Directors only after you hire them for an event.

What should I look for in a Travel Director?

It really depends on what you need. Sometimes events are heavy on transportation, food and beverage, or VIPs necessitating Travel Directors with advanced skills in these areas. Sometimes local staff is needed, or foreign language proficiency, or experience within a particular industry (pharmaceutical oftentimes) or knowledge of a certain property. Search our Travel Director profiles and select the skills and expertise that you need.

How do I select and hire a Travel Director?

It's easy. Cadre notifies you when your event post receives bids. We consolidate these responses so you can compare bids quickly and efficiently. Review detailed staff profiles. Sort candidates by skill, location, rating, or even let Cadre suggest best-fit staff. Create your shortlist, select your favorites, and contract your team with a single click. Cadre notifies each of your contracted Travel Directors right away!

Are Travel Directors covered by workers compensation insurance?

Yes. In order to bid on Cadre events, candidates must provide proof of a valid certificate of insurance confirming workers compensation coverage. If a candidate cannot provide such proof, Cadre offers to extend its workers compensation insurance coverage to them to protect them, and you financically, from workplace injury.

How can I communicate with Travel Directors in Cadre?

When bidding, candidates can submit questions to you through Cadre's Q&A feature. The answers that you provide are shown to all candidates. After you hire a Travel Director, Cadre opens messaging features so you and your team can direclty communicate individually or as group.

How do I pay staff?

Paying your staff is super simple. When you hire a Travel Director, you fund their event pay and per diem into escrow. Cadre automatically sends per diems to each contracted Travel Directors prior to your event. Upon event completion, you have 14 days to review and release Travel Director pay from escrow. Once released, Cadre schedules and issues payment weekly.

How does event expense reimbursement work?

We make this easy too! No more emails, envelopes to stamp or checks to write! In Cadre, Travel Directors take pictures of all receipts and build their event expense report while on-site. Within 5 days of their contract end date, Travel Directors must submit their expense report to you within Cadre. You then have 5 days to review, dispute, or approve authorized reimbursements. Once approved, Cadre takes it from there and electronically issues payment to each Travel Director.

Do Travel Directors complete a background check?

Yes. All U.S. based Travel Directors must pass an annual background check, administered by a third-party service, in order to bid on Cadre events. When you receive a bid, you can be assured that the bidding Travel Director has cleared a background check against social security number, national criminal, sex offender, and global watchlist databases.

How does Cadre help reduce my risk?

Cadre provides detailed profiles on each Travel Director and ensures a clear background check and on-site workers compensation coverage. We also contract with, and issue payment to Travel Directors so you don't have to. We make it easy for you to find, schedule, and pay your team while reducing your employment, financial, and business risk along the way.

Do I have to file any tax forms?

No. Cadre takes care of this too. Each year, by the statutory deadline, Cadre issues 1099-MISC forms to each Travel Director that earned over $600 in the prior tax year.

What happens if I have to cancel my event?

We get it. Sometimes things change. We seek to provide an equitable solution to both you and the Travel Director when a cancellation occurs. Cadre provides a 100% refund for a cancellation outside out 45 days from the event start date. Within 45 days, we refund lower percentage to you based on our cancellation fee schedule.

What are Cadre Pro's advanced features?

Well first, Cadre Pro gives you unlimited bookings. This means that you can staff as many Travel Directors for as many days as you like. Second, we provide you with an enhanced staff search feature. So instead of only being able to sort candidates on fixed criteria, you can actually do a very detailed search. Want to find a French speaking Travel Director, skilled in F&B, within 60 miles of Dallas? Yep, you can search for her. Want to find a Travel Director by name? You can do that too. We also allow you to set and enforce your own event expense policy instead of using ours. Finally, Cadre provides a super cool tool called “Airfare Estimator” that connects with airline distribution systems to provide you with a real time estimate of a candidate's airfare cost to travel to/from your event. So you get to see the total cost of scheduling a Travel Director and can make better financial decisions before you select them for your event.

Does it cost to join Cadre?

No. Cadre is free for Travel Directors. Travel Directors can create an account and view event opportunities. To bid on events, Travel Directors must complete their profile, which includes completing a background check.

Why should I use Cadre?

To build your business and get more work! Cadre allows you to market your experience, skills, and on-site expertise to a world of new planners looking to hire top-quality Travel DIrectors for their next event. Browse all public events, be invited to events by planners, and bid on as many opportunities as you wish. Cadre makes it easy for you to find and secure more work, and get paid quickly with no hassles along the way.

Why is completing my profile important?

Well, aside from showcasing your skills and experience to planners, you cannot bid on events until your profile is complete. Completing your profile is quick and easy. Cadre walks you through the steps to provide your contact information and payment information, upload your photo, catalogue your skills, process your background check, and secure workers compensation insurance if you do not already have a policy.

How do I get hired for an event?

It's simple. Complete your profile and start bidding on events! Sort events by date, location, or industry to find the ones that are right for you. Planners list the skills they need, and a daily rate budget for each position. Close to an event? Maybe bid a bit higher since you won't need a plane ticket? Need to book the last few days of a slow month, maybe bid a bit lower to have a better chance to be selected. Make your pitch, submit a competitive bid, and we will notify you when a planner accepts your bid and contracts you!

What happens once I am contracted for an event?

Congratulations! When contracted, Cadre collects your event pay from your planner and secures it in escrow until you complete your event. We also open the lines of communication within Cadre messaging so you can chat with your planner, or with the entire contracted team, to ask questions or coordinate travel, uniform, or other pre-event details.

Do I receive a per diem?

While including a per diem is not a requirement for planners when they post an event, Cadre highly recommends to planners to include a per diem, not only because doing so is an accepted industry practice, but more importantly to attract high-quality Travel Directors to their event. Most planners do include a per diem which Cadre electronically deposits into your bank account no later than 48 hours prior to your event.

How do I get paid?

We make getting you your money quick and easy. To contract you, a planner must secure your position by funding your event pay into escrow. Once you complete your event, your planner has 14 days to release payment to you. Cadre will tell you once your pay is released and automatically schedule payment directly into your bank account on the next weekly payment cycle.

How do I get reimbursed for my expenses?

While on-site, take pictures of your receipts and document your expenses within Cadre's in app expense reporting tool, then submit your expense report within 5 days of your event. Your planner then has 5 days to approve or dispute your report. Cadre will notify you when your expense report has been approved and will automatically schedule payment directly into your bank account on the next weekly payment cycle.

What happens if my contract is cancelled?

While customer policies and circumstances may vary, Cadre looks to protect you with cancellation fees in the event that your contract is cancelled. When we are able to collect a cancellation fee from Cadre client, then we are able to pay you a portion of your event pay based on how far in advance an event is cancelled from its projected start date.

Can I bid on several events over the same dates?

You sure can! Bid away on as many events as you wish regardless of overlapping dates. If you are contracted for an event, Cadre will automatically withdraw any of your other bids that conflict with your contracted event so you can never be double booked.

Why is a background check required?

The short answer is that planners and their clients require it. Planners need to be able to assure their clients that their on-site staff has been properly vetted to reduce risk. Cadre's background check reviews your status against the national criminal, social security, sex offender, and global watchlist databases. Results are confidential and not shown to planners.

Why is workers compensation insurance required?

The short answer is that planners and their clients require it. Planners need to be able to assure their clients that their on-site staff has been properly vetted to reduce risk. Cadre uses a third party background check provider to review your status against the national criminal, social security, sex offender, and global watchlist databases.

How do taxes work?

As an independent contractor, you are responsible for paying all of your own taxes. Cadre will not withhold any taxes from your event pay. Each year, by the statutory deadline, if you received payments in excess of $600, Cadre will send you and the IRS a 1099-MISC documenting your total event pay for the prior tax year.

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