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Once you create your account, we'll guide you through a quick setup of your profile. Showcase your specialties, upload a photo, and detail your skills, certifications, and work experience.

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With your profile complete, you can promote your availability for planning projects and on-site event work. Browse opportunities, find the ones you like, make your pitch, and submit offers on the positions that interest you.

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We’ll notify clients when you’ve made an offer to work their project. They can then review your offer and credentials, message you with questions, interview you, and contract you all from within the platform.

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Whether it’s per diem, event pay, or a project deposit, we make sure that your contract is secured by escrowed funds and is protected by cancellation fees. When your contract is complete and payment is approved, we send your pay directly to your bank.

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From finding new opportunities to getting paid, Cadre makes each step along the way easy and efficient.

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Set your own pay rate, make offers on projects, and get paid the amount you’ve agreed to with the client. Cadre never takes a piece of your action.

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To contract you for a project, clients must fund your contract pay into an escrow account. No more chasing per diems, expenses, or project payments.

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Client policies and circumstance can vary, but in most cases, Cadre protects you with cancellation fees if your contract is cancelled.

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Snap photos of your receipts and invoice the client for your authorized purchases. Approvals and speedy payment all happen in the app.

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In-app messaging lets you directly coordinate project details with your client all in one place. No more lost emails or texts.

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Clients need you to be covered for workplace injuries. Already have a worker’s compensation policy? Great! If not, Cadre makes it easy to get coverage.

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Tired of having to track down tax forms from clients? With Cadre you’ll receive one year-end tax document containing all your freelance projects.

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Even the best laid plans can go awry. Our support team answers your questions and watches your projects to help you out in any situation.

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