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Compliant staffing model

Take comfort knowing that you are only engaging freelancers that are confirmed legal business entities and contracting them through a 3rd party, virtual marketplace company that insulates you from the risks of employee misclassification.

Custom policies

Add and enforce your expense, social media, or other custom polices with freelancers through electronic acceptance prior to each and every event.

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Background checks

Annual background checks mean you know more about the freelancers that you are working with and help reduce surprises down the road.

Insurance coverages

A suite of foreign and domestic liability policies paired with workers compensation coverage on each freelancer provide piece of mind from workplace mishaps, injuries, or accidents.

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Got questions?

Frequently asked questions from Event Planners

Do I need to pay to post an event?

No. Posting an event in Cadre is free. This allows you to receive and review bids from qualified candidates interested in your event. You only pay Cadre a service fee if you hire a Travel Director to work your event.

Why should I use Cadre?

Because your time is valuable and better spent on planning, not staffing. Staffing an event is messy and full of administrative tasks. Cadre provides you with an all-in-one platform to easily find, select, schedule, and pay your on-site team. We take all the tedious staffing tasks that get stuck in your email inbox off your plate, and give you a simple way to manage things, with easy to use dashboards and communication tools.

Who will see my event post?

If you want to gain maximum exposure and the most bids for your event, you can post your event for everyone to see. This means that all Travel Directors browsing and searching for work will see your event post. Alternatively, you can post privately, by inviting only specific candidates to bid on your event. Of course, you can also post your event for everyone to see, and invite specific candidates to bid too.

Can I hire multiple staff for the same event?

Yes. Cadre's event posting tool is very flexible. Our goal is to provide you an efficient way to find, schedule, and pay your entire on-site team. You can post the need to fill 1, 2, 5, 10 or hundreds of positions for a single event. You can even set different daily rate budgets, start and end dates, and skill requirements for each position.

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